PADS Guest Success Story - Literally!

What an amazing story shared with us by Judy Stemen:

Jim was one of PADS first guests! When PADS closed for the season, he pitched a tent out on Cemetery Road and spent his time writing and reading, which he was very passionate about. He published his first book, "Raise The Flag" in 2012, while living in his tent. This book is a collection of five short stories.Jim moved to Seattle, Washington four years ago where he tented and rode his bicycle, Blue Cloud, all over Seattle and the surrounding area taking pictures. These pictures he eventually had published in a photo journal entitled "Seattle Summer". His second photo book is entitled "Wildflowers of Cascades". (opinion of a friend:"Seattle should have hired him to do their tourism promo with photos")

His most recent publication is "Bloodhound Charlie". Jim writes in the foreward: Bloodhound Charlie is a fiction story. The characters in this doggie do-good dog gone story are fabrications, fictional persona, and are not to be construed to be real so to protect the innocent. The author's views in this story are First Amendment Freedoms for amusement, literary exposition, fiction, and do not reflect the views of anyone including the author.

Jim has been able to lose the "homeless" label as he now resides at the Plymouth Mayflower which he says provides shelter for the weary and weather!

You can find Jim on Facebook and purchase his books on