Why does Tammy Alvarez value helping with PADS?

Why does Tammy Alvarez value helping with PADS? Here is what she had to say, "Five years ago I was invited to be on the PADS board by a friend. Helping provide shelter to the homeless had long been something I wanted to be a part of. That same year I began volunteering on the 2nd shift at Peace Lutheran Church on Monday nights. Going to work the next day after volunteering sometimes was hard, but I would remind myself that I was fortunate enough to have a soft bed, a warm house and more than enough groceries in my life. 4 hours once a month to be a little tired seemed like a small inconvenience compared to helping those in need. After the first year my husband joined me volunteering. We are fortunate to be able give back to our community."

Thank you Tammy for making our community a better place! If you would like to join the PADS mission in Grundy County, please message us. The new season starts soon & help is still needed!