Thoughts from Denise Gaska...

Denise Gaska is a PADS volunteer & Board Member. She has been involved from the start of the mission & shared this about her experience with PADS:

"I enjoy volunteering for PADS because I know it really makes a difference in the lives of the people we serve. In fact, I truly believe we are saving their lives because we are giving them a warm, safe place to sleep when they might otherwise be forced to sleep outside. I work the 10:45-2:45 shift. If you're a night owl like I am, it's the ideal shift to serve because all you have to do is stay up really late, kind of like being back in college! Also, the nice thing about this shift is that it is very quiet. If you have a laptop you can bring in, it's a great way to get work done, or watch a movie or TV show on Netflix, or even just read a favorite book. We have one responsibility on that shift, and it's to make the sack lunches for the next day. Other than that, we just have to, basically, stand guard and not fall asleep. I have a friend who has been serving on this shift with me for many years and we always enjoy the time together to catch up and do a lot of giggling once a month."

Thanks Denise! It's nice to hear that your PADS work is meaningful & fun at the same time!