The PADS Mission at Work

In case you were wondering what the PADS mission is all about, here is a bit of info. Local churches take turns offering overnight shelter & food to area homeless families & individuals. Every night of the week from Oct-Apr the PADS program rotates to a different church. Local volunteers staff each evening over 3 shifts. After a secure check-in process, PADS guests are provided with a warm meal, access to a shower, a comfortable safe bed for the night, breakfast in the morning, & a lunch to go. Guests are also put in contact with local social services that may help meet their needs to move towards food & home security.

in 2016 PADS hosted 71 different people with 10-11 guests per evening on average. The guests ranged in ages & genders and even included several families with teenagers & young children. In total, PADS provided 1,842 meals & shelter last season to those in need. New numbers for 2017 coming soon...

This amazing local mission is much needed in our community & as you can see is doing very good work. It cannot continue without the help of all of us. Please consider lending a hand to someone. It makes all the difference in our community & it makes Grundy County be a more compassionate & wonderful place that we can all be proud to live in!