Figuring it Out

PADS Volunteer DeWitt Buchanan shared a few thoughts with us on the program:

"For the protection of our guests and volunteers, and to allow each guest an opportunity for a good night's rest, we have a policy of not allowing entry to the shelter after 11PM each night.  

Recently a young man who has been a PADS guest this season stopped me before the shelter was about to close for the day at 7AM.  He was wanting to know if he would be allowed entry after 11PM because he had just  been hired to work at a local warehouse on the 2nd shift and couldn't get back to the shelter before 11:30PM each night.  What great news and reason to celebrate!  "Of course we can make an exception!" was all I could think of saying in response.

A common misconception that I used to have was that the homeless had no ambition and did not care about escaping their situation.  Our guests are much like each one of us in so many ways.  Most do have ambition.  For a variety of reasons, they are here--but want to do better!  PADS provides a time and place for them to "figure" it out.  

I'm thankful that we are serving this young man through a tough time in his life and hope that soon he has moved on to his own place and a life more on his terms!  "

Thanks DeWitt for sharing about how the PADS program helps guests have time to "figure it out".