If you look up “hospitality” in the dictionary, you will find this picture next to the definition. PADS has been experiencing some growing pains lately with record numbers of guests this season and 2 families that have been staying with us. For the comfort and security of the children, and whenever it’s possible, we like to allow families to stay together in a separate room. The accommodations we had at the Immaculate Conception Church Meeting House at 622 E Jackson that we used on Thursday and Friday nights were no longer providing the room we needed for the families we have been sheltering. PADS President Phil Wardlow asked Father Ed at ICC if there was any larger space we could use, and Father Ed quickly responded and offered PADS a house just down the street at 517 E Jackson that the church has not really been using that was purchased just about a year ago in anticipation of future plans. Not only will our PADS guests have more sleeping space, but the new location has a working shower and laundry facilities! What a wonderful example of God answering our prayers by exceeding our needs!  Thank you so much to Father Ed and Joanne Morral and Chris Werden, our ICC Site Coordinators for Friday nights! Thank you to our Immaculate Conception Church family!!!