Pathways of Hope

"I've always felt PADS was important in providing our guests with a warm, safe place to stay for the night along with some food for nourishment.  Started in our local churches and manned completely by volunteers, we have always truly cared for those less fortunate.

This year, in the 2017-2018 season, PADS has taken a huge step in further serving the homeless and needy.  Joining with We Care, PADS is implementing Pathways of Hope.  This program provides for more than just immediate needs.  By participating in this program, our guests are given the resources and coaching to eventually escape homelessness and to once again live more independently and with dignity.  The goal is to "not just give them a fish, but to teach them to fish for themselves."

I am so thankful for a loving and generous community, that has long supported PADS.  This next step furthers our efforts "in caring for the least of these!"      

Thanks to DeWitt Buchanan for sharing his thoughts on the PADS mission in our community!