New PADS Volunteer Story

Here is a nice testimony from a new PADS volunteer:

"This is my first time to volunteer for PADS. This is something I've wanted to do for awhile and I am so glad I finally signed up. I signed up for a 3rd shift and realized they still needed more volunteers, so I also signed up for a 2nd shift.

I had my first 2nd shift recently. I didn't think on 2nd shift I would get to interact with any of the guests. To my pleasant surprise, there were still 2 guests that were up when I got there at 10:45pm. Both were super nice and appreciative and thanked us for volunteering. This was the first time for both myself and the other person to volunteer and the guests actually made us feel at home and told us to just ask them if we had any questions. :) One of the guests was in the mood to talk for a few minutes before going to bed, so he told us a little about himself. It was really great to get to know him. He has a job and a goal to get a place to live in a couple months, he just needs a little help right now and is so appreciative of PADS and having a place to go. In fact, he wants to give back when he does get back on his feet and wants to be a volunteer at PADS. I really enjoyed our conversation.

I think PADS is an amazing and wonderful program! I am so happy to be a part of it and am anxiously awaiting my next shift. I look forward to meeting new volunteers, as well as the guests. I also hope more people will realize the need for volunteers to keep it running and will want to help out. It is easy, fun, and rewarding!"

Thank you Jana Trofimchuck for jumping in to help out & sharing your time & experiences with us!