Volunteer Story

We thought we would share a story about PADS from one of our volunteers:

"I offered to volunteer for PADS because I think the work that they do is extremely important to the community. It is amazing to see so many people come together to help others. Even if only 1 guest shows up! I enjoy volunteering because it makes me feel good to help others, to help contribute to the community I live in, and to know that when it is so cold out that there is a place people can warm up at, get a good night's sleep and a full belly :) I am very new to this but I look forward to seeing how this wonderful program will help improve the lives of community members that stay here. So far, the volunteers and coordinator I met are nice amazing people who genuinely care. I can't wait to meet others also trying to be a part of something so much bigger that ourselves! Thank you for this opportunity."

I think we should be thanking you... well said!